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Adrian Knight


Adrian Knight was born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden. His music has been described as “eerie,” “mesmerizing” and “serene” (The Hartford Courant) and “severe” and “monochromatic” (New Haven Advocate). He has received grants from STIM and the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, and two Morton Gould Young Composer Awards from ASCAP. He holds degrees from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and Yale.

Recent activities include Mary's Waltz (Yale Cabaret), Comblé (Yale Philharmonia), The Caligari Project (Red Light New Music), The Dividing Line and performances at GAB Gallery (Miami, FL), Exapno (Brooklyn, NY), Robert Goff Gallery (New York, NY), Tenri (New York, NY), Littlefield (Brooklyn, NY), Yale University Art Gallery (New Haven, CT), McGuffey Art Center (Charlottesville, VA), Fylkingen (Stockholm, Sweden), Audiorama (Stockholm, Sweden) and Billings Forge (Hartford, CT).

Since 2008, he operates “the smallest record label in the world,” Pink Pamphlet.

In addition to PSNY, his works are also published by the Swedish Music Information Center (SMIC) and Pink Pamphlet. He is a member of Fylkingen in Stockholm.