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New Works by Timo Andres on PSNY

Timo Andres: modern troubadour. No, he doesn't wander the French countryside singing Occitan poetry. But like a troubadour, Andres has been performing and composing across the country, commissioned by modern patrons such as Carnegie Hall and the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival for fellow performers such as yMusic, eighth blackbird, and pianists Bruce Levingston and Kristin Elgersma. We're proud to offer a batch of Andres' latest works for direct download on PSNY. 

To begin, consider two new works for solo piano: Clear and Cold, and Heavy Sleep. Both highlight Timo's nuanced take on composers of the past—Ravel and Chopin, respectively—and offer new interpretations on the terrors and pleasures of melancholy and somnambulation. Check out this excerpt from Heavy Sleep

Andres' new works for chamber ensembles expand his palette to include many more hands and instruments than his own two at the piano. Andres describes Safe Travels, composed for yMusic, as "a short, peripatetic piece built on a constantly-shifting harmonic pattern"; these shifts remind the listener of the experience of travel, with its endless, shifting patterns, traversing the gamut of harmonic possibilities.

Checkered Shade, written for eighth blackbird, takes the pen-and-ink drawings of Astrid Bowlby as its metaphorical inspiration. The piece mirrors the experience of seeing Bowlby's work: an intense attention to detail, slowly followed by the realization that the small pattern also constitutes a much more complex whole. 

Matthias Pintscher on the East Coast: Upcoming Curtis, Washington, DC Concerts

Matthias Pintscher, who in 2013 takes up the reigns of the Ensemble Intercontemporain in Paris, isn't leaving the States quite yet: this weekend, December 8th and 9th, Pintscher conducts a series of two concerts featuring eighth blackbird and Curtis 20/21, the Curtis Institute of Music's resident student new music ensemble, in Philadelphia. With Pintscher conducting, the two ensembles perform a program of works curated by Pintscher including his solo piano work, on a clear day, as well as works by Berio, Donatoni, and Schoenberg. The performances are free and open to the public, and take place in Curtis' Gould Rehearsal Hall. 

And if you can't make the performances in Philadelphia, check out Pintscher in Washington, DC: on December 13th, the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) presents their Composer Portrait on Matthias Pintscher at the Phillips Collection. The program also includes on a clear day, as well as a rare performance of dernier espace avec introspecteur, for accordion and cello, featuring accordion player William Schimmel

Watch Claire Chase of ICE and Melissa Smey of Columbia's Miller Theater discuss this Composer Portrait concert below: 

We're sure these are concerts you won't want to miss!

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