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World Premiere of Fred Lerdahl’s Chords in New Chamber Version

Feb. 26, 2018

World Premiere of Fred Lerdahl’s <em>Chords</em> in New Chamber Version

On March 5, the Argento Ensemble will present the world premiere of a new chamber version of Fred Lerdahl’s Chords at St. Peter's Church in New York City as part of a program called, “Honey, I Shrunk the Orchestra.” The Argento Ensemble notes:

Chords is a mosaic of consonant and dissonant chord colors, revolving closely and distantly around a focal sonority. This new chamber ensemble version exploits the virtuoso aspects of the piece that, according to the composer, were never realized in the previous orchestral settings.”

The music of Fred Lerdahl was heard throughout Germany last month. The Daedalus Quartet is completing a concert tour that included his String Quartet no. 4 "Chaconne.”  March 2 marks the end of the Quartet's German tour when they will perform the work at Rittersaal im Herzogsschloss in Straubing.

Listen to Fred Lerdahl’s Time and Again (2015), for chamber orchestra, here:

(Time and Again/Fred Lerdahl/The Orchestra of the League of Composers/
Louis Karchin, Music Director & Conductor)

To learn more about Fred Lerdahl, visit

Fred Lerdahl
Chords (1974-83, arr. 2017)
for chamber orchestra

String Quartet No. 4 “Chaconne” (2016)
for string quartet